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How to keep flowers fresh for longer

Nothing is more annoying than having wilted flowers sitting comfortably in the vase.Here are few DIYs steps that will add to your flowers’ life span: Thank me later !

  • Ensure the flowers are well ‘hydrated’-just like human beings,plants need water to survive and that is why you should add water once the previous has been absorbed.
  • Add a 1/4 teaspoon of bleach to the water that is to be fed to the flowers.Bleach contains chlorine that kills the bacteria huddled in the vase or water.
  • Remember to pick out the flaccid flowers.
  • On the third day after arrangement,mix the floral food in a cup of water and add to the vase.The water should be added into the vase and not the on the flowers.
  • Do not expose your flowers to direct sunlight.

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